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Frequently asked questions

Here we have the first answers to Scrum Cooking Workshops ready. If you can't find the right answer yet - just call us or use the contact form.

Questions about Scrum

No previous knowledge is required for Scrum Cooking. In the workshop, we bring you up to speed and put together the appropriate theory package in consultation with you. We are professionals and have deep and profound knowledge in agile software development, so we can address all your questions during the workshop.

The theory part lasts half an hour. We are happy to respond to requests and can deepen or supplement certain theory content, such as scaled Scrum, differentiation from Kanban

We often experience very interested teams, which the context of cooking motivates to think and ask questions. With a concrete state of affairs, the theory becomes really tangible and the theory part can then take more space in the interaction with the team. We respond flexibly to this interest and are pleased about it. Our theory part is extremely well received. We keep getting feedback that the participants have never been taught agile methods in such an understandable and clear way.

Yes, according to the Scrum Guide, the team should have at least three developers. In addition, there is the Scrum Master and the Product Owner.

That’s where Scrum originally comes from, but it is also adapted and successfully used for other areas, for example in human resources and sales. We can work out individual adaptations with our customers.

To check this, we have developed an Agile Assessment – a detailed catalog of questions. Interested parties are welcome to commission us to conduct such an assessment.

Our participants experience the Scrum Cooking Workshop as extraordinarily bonding. The joint planning, self-organization and subsequent cooking create a cheerful and relaxed atmosphere that inspires learning and community. One participant described the atmosphere as being like on a school trip.

Scrum Cooking can be carried out with four or more participants. According to the Scrum Guide, a Scrum team consists of at least three team members, an agile coach and the product owner.

It is possible to combine Scrum Cooking with Scrum training, where we prepare you for certification.

We also organize large groups and have suitable locations for them. We have already held many workshops with 60 participants. From twelve participants, we form several Scrum teams that work together on a large product. In this context, you experience how scaled Scrum works. In the process, you can get to know elements of Less and Scale.

We had numerous Scrum-experienced software development teams that did Scrumkitchen with us and were very enthusiastic. Even teams consisting only of agile coaches found the course a great and enriching event. The transfer of the method into such a tangible and familiar context as the kitchen also grants Scrum professionals completely new insights and knowledge.

Scrum Cooking is an exciting experience for all participants. Different previous knowledge does not play a role. With our well-founded theoretical and practical knowledge, we are good contacts for the different participants and there are many opportunities to answer specific questions while cooking and eating together.

General | Organizational issues

SCRUMKITCHEN is the brand name under which we offer Scrum cooking workshops. 

Always where the SCRUMKITCHEN team is at the moment. This is not a specific location description, but our brand name.

But there is a kind of home base or favorite location: the Anderswo Eventlocation. When our workshops take place in Munich, we like to work with this reliable kitchen partner and use this perfect event kitchen. Not only the equipment is optimal for our purposes, but also the location is perfect due to the connection to public transport and generally the proximity to the main station.

We determine the workshop location together. We have partner kitchens throughout Germany – even worldwide – but also cook in the canteens or offices of our customers.

No. The participants do not need any work materials, laptops or similar. Everything needed will be provided by us.

The Scrumkitchen standard workshop lasts five to six hours.

When it comes to the starting time, we are guided by you. We adapt to your daily schedule and are very flexible. Courses starting in the morning as well as evening or afternoon workshops are possible.

No, the team carries the process. Everyone gets involved. Participants who can’t cook or don’t like to do it are pulled along by the “agile” vortex. A joyful, animated atmosphere is created.

Breaks arise naturally through the Scrum process. In the reviews, the generated products are eaten together in a relaxed mood.

We provide cooking aprons. Casual is best and not very delicate clothing … we are in the kitchen cooking after all.

We take into account all intolerances, wishes and diets. The product owner records these requirements and you as the agile team take these specifications into account as so-called acceptance criteria in the workshop.

Yes. Alcoholic beverages upon request.

You can, but you don’t have to.

This varies depending on the location. Please clarify beforehand! And as far as possible come by public transport.

This varies depending on the location. Please clarify beforehand!

Rather no. But we can clarify that when the location is fixed.