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Learning by cooking

This is where agile project management comes onto the plate. Scrum Cooking is not just about team building. We enable real practical experience with agile working methods. The team experiences the potential of agile methodology in the workshop and learns the strategies for implementation in the company.

Agile team performance is on the boil here!

Scrum Cooking Workshops are ideally suited for:

Companies and project managers, for testing agile methods

People interested in Scrum with and without experience

new project members as entry into the Scrum team

Teams that want to optimize their Scrum practice

Katharina Wirtz
"For me, it's always a beautiful experience to see how much people enjoy working together."

Our customers are delighted

Female Leader Team Event

As part of a team event for our Female Leaders, we chose Scrum Cooking with Katharina. The direct application of Scrum principles in a playful setting - cooking - was a lot of fun for all of us and led to a lasting experience that we are still talking about a year later. The theory was conveyed by Katharina in a short, concise and fun way. You can just tell that she lives the agile principles every day. Afterwards, there was plenty of time for testing, making mistakes, sharing and reflecting, laughing together, celebrating small successes and enjoying very delicious food. Thank you very much for a great and sustainable effective day, Katharina!

Dagmar Plieske

Vice President im Bereich Data Intelligence, PAYBACK GmbH

Positive feedback

Cooking confirmed that we not only work well together, but can also cook delicious meals together. The feedback has been positive across the board. My personal impression is that my colleagues have a new enthusiasm for their work.

Eva Pohl

Scrummaster metafinanz Informationssysteme GmbH

Positive feedback

Dear Katharina, thank you for the great evening with you! I have collected consistently positive feedback, we all had real fun with you and also the recipes have already found buyers 😊. The next day, everyone was still a little tired, but still highly motivated, so we had a successful second day. For us it was successful all around. Also thanks to your support and the helpful tips! 

Indra Köpp-Marquardt

Teamassistence Digital Business, Miltenyi

Extraordinary team event

After such a long time in the digital world and the associated limited opportunities to continue to grow as a team, it was incredibly important and valuable for us as a team to close the current year with an extraordinary team event and to start planning the new year with a lot of inspiration and joy. Katharina and her team provided us with a wonderful setting for this. We could work together intensively as a team and learn to act together. Dear Katharina, thank you for your professionalism, your joy and inspiration, and especially your humor at an event that we will remember for a long time.

Dr. Alexander Bogner

CEO infologis AG

Exciting online Scrum workshop

Dr. Katharina Wirtz conducted an exciting online Scrum workshop with my team of 11 students. My students not only learned about the SCRUM method, but were also able to try out all the components on a real project. Katharina Wirtz guided the students through this online training with a lot of commitment and tact. The participants not only learned a lot, but also had a lot of fun! I can only recommend this online training to every team as an introduction to SCRUM!

Prof. Dr. Sabine Wölflick

Hochschule München | Munich University of Applied Sciences

The event was super fun

Also on behalf of our team I can say that I enjoyed the event very much. Both the approach of getting to know the Scrum method through a cooking class and the connection with African cuisine appealed to me very much and were excellently conveyed and supported by Dr. Katharina Wirtz and Souleymane Ndiaye.

Christoph Wendt

PwC Senior Associate, PricewaterhouseCoopers GmbH

It was worth it 100%

So far, I had gotten to know Dr. Wirtz as a personal coach.  Now I was very excited about our team workshop, which was aimed at process improvement on the one hand, but also at improving cooperation. The result after a very exhausting workshop: it was 100% worth it! The cooperation in the team has changed very positively, the team is motivated to tackle topics independently. Solutions have emerged where previously there were problems. Within a short period of time, Dr. Wirtz succeeded in creating trust and thus in working out the issues in a goal-oriented and solution-oriented way. And she helped us with examples and tools to focus on the core processes and interfaces.  The team provided great support. We simply enjoyed working with Dr. Witz.

Andrea Kienzler

Head of Customer Service DACH, Swarovski Consumer Goods Business
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