Das SCRUMKITCHEN-Team zu Gast in Stuttgart

What is true for life – namely that you learn from challenges – is part of the success concept in SCRUM COOKING. We are often asked by our clients to include challenges (impediments) in the process. Then we can always assure them that we don’t have to worry about it, but that mishaps occur naturally, just like in any kitchen.

Imagine it: this lively gathering of the most diverse characters. Everyone with a cooking apron – expectant, energetic and cheerful. Here, the tech-savvy (“What do you mean, there’s no Thermomix?”) meet kitchen perfectionists (“Where can I find the poultry shears?”) and the detail-loving meet rustic choppers. While one peels the potato wafer-thin and removes even the slightest discolouration with the tip of his tongue between his lips, the other has brashly removed the skin, all the humps and half the potato in one stroke. The lady without poultry shears would probably have looked for a potato peeler first.

And you know what? It’s great fun for everyone. After all, it doesn’t matter if the kitchen is perfectly equipped. And with large groups, which are the rule rather than the exception in SCRUM COOKING, there are always “bottlenecks” even in the largest kitchen. This is when the creativity and cooperation of the participants are called for, and that is what it is all about in the end!

The classic is crowds at the sink: washing dishes, washing ingredients, drawing water, draining water and much more. Someone is always busy here. And while everyone is working and dedicating themselves to their tasks, something great happens: people support each other. People help each other with the dishes, so that the vegetables can be washed afterwards. People help each other out with kitchen utensils, share something or become inventive in order to solve the tasks set.

Therefore, these challenges in the kitchen hustle and bustle are something consistently positive. This is how conversations, good humour and laughter arise – this is how a team grows together and experiences itself anew.

So tomato knives, poultry shears & Co. can confidently stay in their drawers at home when we meet your team for SCRUM COOKING. Everything is taken care of.