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12 Fragen zu Scrum-Cooking

1. What is Scrum?

Scrum is an agile project management method for teams and was first used in software development. The framework is used to process complex tasks step by step. Scrum regulates communication and optimizes the development process through self-organization and strict cycles. Small units and flat hierarchies are the key to agile project work.


2. What is Scrum Cooking?

In Scrum Cooking, the steps you go through to prepare a menu are representative of your team’s work processes. While preparing the dinner together, you work with the Scrum events: Sprint Planning, Daily Scrum, Sprint Review and Sprint Retrospective. This imprints the methodology permanently. Once celebrated together in the team while cooking, what you have learned sits! Experiencing the community in the kitchen enables even Scrum professionals to gain completely new insights and knowledge.

3. Is Scrum Cooking a Scrum Workshop or a Team Event?

Both. A good Scrum Cooking workshop combines theory and experience into a tasty dish. It gets right down to business and the team practices and experiences agile working methods. When cooking, you work together to conjure up a menu – the supposedly dry Scrum theory is used in a very uncomplicated way. And that always inspires all participants. The relaxed atmosphere in the kitchen, the conversations, the laughter and, of course, the food in the large group help teams grow together, get to know each other better, have fun together and enjoy the relaxed time. And that is the purpose of a successful team event, isn’t it?

Scrum-Cooking-Workshop in München

Scrum Cooking Workshop with the company talessio in Munich. Read event report: click here

4. What are the advantages of Scrum Cooking?

Scrum Cooking Workshop with BSH in Munich. Read event report: click here

There are at least three:

1) Scrum Cooking enables a real experience of Scrum practice, with direct reference to the application in everyday work.

2) Scrum Cooking will get you excited about Scrum – whether you are a newbie or an old hand. The clear insights into the method and its usefulness are like an energy drink for your project work.

3) Scrum Cooking is a Scrum workshop and team event in one. That means you profit twice: You learn how to apply Scrum in a sustainable and uncomplicated way AND you give your team an unforgettable and enjoyable evening.


5. How long does a Scrum Cooking Workshop last?

At Scrumkitchen, we plan five to six hours for a Scrum Cooking workshop – we’re flexible about the start time. And of course we can expand our offer with agile games and comprehensive event planning for multi-day workshops.

6. How long is the theoretical part in the Scrum Cooking Workshop?

The theoretical introduction takes about half an hour, but can be deepened in consultation with the customer. For example, experienced teams use the opportunity to cover special content in the theory part, such as scaled Scrum or the distinction from Kanban. During the cooking, exciting questions arise directly from the “kitchen experiences”; these are valuable insights with direct reference to daily practice. Due to our many years of experience in agile transformation projects, we can react flexibly in this situation. This is the specialty of Scrumkitchen!

Scrum-Cooking mit talessio in München

7. Who is a Scrum Cooking Workshop suitable for?

Although Scrum originally comes from software development, it is now being successfully adapted for other areas such as HR or sales. We have developed an agile assessment – a detailed questionnaire that enables us to work out individual adaptations with our customers or rather to check in general whether the use of Scrum is target-oriented.

8. How important is a Scrum Master certificate?

We at Scrumkitchen believe that a certificate alone does not make a good Scrum Master. Yes, – a Scrum Master must have understood and internalized the Scrum principle. But most important are social competence and communication skills. A Scrum-Master must work result-oriented, because she/he has the task to make himself/herself supposedly superfluous. Curiosity is important: Scrum masters must look closely at where conflicts are hiding and where their own ego is getting in the way. A Scrum master who cannot let go, who meticulously watches over the team, often hinders the success of the project. Whereas a competent Scrum Master can really push the team performance.


9. How expensive is Scrum Cooking?

Certainly more expensive than a scavenger hunt in the woods, – but also more effective. The smallest package starts at 3,500 euros at Scrumkitchen. For this you get an unforgettable team event, because cooking a menu is an exciting challenge and the joint meal is the crowning finale. Oh yes, – and at the same time the Scrum training takes place. Unlike in a bland classroom atmosphere, we stir and chop, taste and laugh. Scrum is our tool. Learning the methodology and applying it in your daily work is something you will learn almost on the fly.

10. Where will the Scrum Cooking Workshop take place?

In a large kitchen. Geographically speaking, this kitchen can be anywhere. The Scrumkitchen team organizes individual events – worldwide. We are flexible and open to customer requests. What can we do for your team?

11. What are the requirements for Scrum Cooking?

None. You can have never heard of Scrum and you don’t have to know how to cook. Everyone gets carried away by the enthusiasm and the exuberant mood. Get involved in a good time with your team and enjoy!

Scrum Cooking Workshop with BSH in Munich. Read event report: click here

12. Is Scrum Cooking also suitable for experienced teams?

SCRUM Workshop: SCRUM-Cooking mit BMW, München
Srcum Cooking Workshop with BMW in Munich. Read event report: click here

Naturally. As experienced agile Coaches, we can accompany and optimize all stages of agile team transformation. We are always happy to address specific questions. And we shouldn’t forget how important it is for well-coordinated teams to experience some relaxed time together. Away from the daily office routine. Scrum Cooking is a welcome change of perspective, a wellness program for the mind and a creative game for the hands.

Scrum Cooking with Scrumkitchen

With her many years of cross-industry experience in agile team transformation, Katharina Wirtz, – the founder of Scrumkitchen – is one of the best agile team coaches in Germany. She and her team are additionally active directly on site if required or flexibly as online coaches. The goal is to support the implementation process through regular coaching and to establish a permanently successful application of agile work processes. The professional view from a neutral position makes it possible to increase team performance. Work-related agile games, roadmap planning, mission/vision workshops complement and support the process. Katharina Wirtz and her team accompany project teams in all stages of agile team transformation.

Scrum-Cooking-Workshops mit Katharina Wirtz

Katharina Wirtz -
Founder of Scrumkitchen

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