SCRUM Cooking: Observations from the SCRUMKITCHEN

SCRUM-Cooking Event

I have been able to enjoy the SCRUM Cooking experience with a few teams and would like to share with you what I have observed.

SCRUM Cooking: Observations from the SCRUMKITCHEN

Very briefly: What is Scrum Cooking?

SCRUM Cooking is cooking according to the SCRUM methodology. Thereby you learn and experience in a team how SCRUM works, have fun and never forget what you have learned, because it has been experienced.

Observation 1: People love to work in a team!

The atmosphere during SCRUM cooking can be compared to a class trip. I have often had the experience that participants even like to stay longer to clean up so that they can prolong the experience. In fact, it is very nice for people to create something together.

The question occupies me why in working life this joy is not always felt to the same extent. Well-functioning SCRUM teams succeed in keeping this joy alive in their working lives. But why does it often not work? I think one obstacle to joy at work is hierarchies. People feel bullied by superiors and organizational structures, and their self-determination is impaired. Hierarchies create competition for promotion positions, which encourages selfish behavior. Managers often do not have the time to take care of their essential leadership tasks because they are busy managing the work organization. Scrum allows a team to self-organize, giving management the time again to make strategic decisi