Scrum-Cooking with talessio, November 2022

Scrum Workshop München / Munich

Not a day goes by without people talking about the shortage of skilled workers in Germany. It’s a real problem. And of course – unfortunately we can’t do away with the shortage either. Nevertheless, our team events like Scrum Cooking Workshops are an essential component of employer branding. And thus an important contribution when it comes to employers attracting and retaining employees in the long term. So, if you are wondering how your company can become an attractive employer or what you can do to become better, then take talessio GmbH as an example.

What makes talessio different?

The talessio team spent a specially designed theme week “just” getting to know each other better, working more closely together as a team, optimising processes, eliminating discrepancies. It was about the quality of cooperation.

This initiative by the management deserves praise and recognition in itself, but talessio went one step further. With attention to detail. For example, the Scrum Cooking aprons were specially made – with the company logo and event information. So it is important that the employees identify with the company. Employees who are largely responsible for the success of the company should feel connected to the company and their colleagues. Anyone who thinks this is unimportant trivia has probably forgotten how people “function”. Here, something is not only demanded or required, – no, the team gets something. This motivates people to show commitment and significantly increases their willingness to perform at work.

Allen 6

This is how team building works!

We at Scrumkitchen love this yeah effect. First of all, the people who (may) come to us are happy not to have to endure boring training. A cooking event promises much more fun. But in the course of the Scrum workshop, the teams are swept up by the joint work as if by a wave. A friendly and almost familiar atmosphere develops. The desire for a great result becomes tangible and motivating and everyone is happy to contribute. And at the end of our workshops – while we enjoy the delicious food, there it is: the YEAH – the WE.

Allen 3

You can’t describe this special moment. But you can experience it.

We are also happy to plan your team event. Agile methods are versatile and our workshops take team performance to a new level.

So see you soon in the Scrumkitchen – we look forward to it!